Pension Scheme Transfer Advice

Qualified advisers letters for scheme transfers

Why do I need pension Transfer Advice?

Many old style pension schemes come with valuable benefits such as Guaranteed Annuity Rates or enhanced unit allocations and as such it may well not be in your best interests to transfer the pension as the benefits of the pensions outweigh the benefits of consolidation. 

In many cases Fairfield may well be able to provide oversight and servicing of your pension plans without you having to transfer, giving you the benefit of administration consolidation without lose any benefits. 

Do you need a qualified adviser transfer advice letter?

We have qualified advisers who can provide advice to Trustees and plan administrators in respect of transfers between schemes, this benefit analysis can be undertaken on a fixed fee or a time charge basis. 

Offshore transfer advice

We specialise in offshore plans and transfers, has your plan administrator recommended a rather expensive transfer advice letter, why not ask Fairfield ?  

  • We have a qualified adviser, authroised to provide Defined Benefit Transfer advice. Please note that we cannot provide advice on DB transfers in the United Kingdom.

  • We would not normally provide advice on transfers into schemes that can provide pension freedoms under the UK rules.

Pensions Transfer Advice let Fairfield help you through the process.

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