International Pension Plans

Defined Contribution Plans for employees of non Guernsey resident Companies who can
be anywhere in the world.

Designed for non-Guernsey Employers with a workforce located all around the globe. In this highly mobile-connected world, you may have employees whose home is where they open their laptop. Then this is the solution for you. We are not trustees or providers we are advisers. That means we have your interests at the core of our service, not the fees or making unnecessarily complex solutions.

These plans have enormous flexibility, mainly because they do not have tax-relieved contributions. The one rule of thumb is with these arrangements is they only work if the employer-sponsored contributions are not arising in the UK or Guernsey.   

  • Investment flexibility and specific tailoring around individuals needs;

  • Single schemes for multinational groups;

  • The entire member's fund can be paid out as a lump sum with much lower restrictions;

  • No restrictions on the contributions made by employer or employee;

  • No limits to the value of the benefit/fund which can be accumulated for each member;

  • Retirement and immigration planning for those retiring to higher tax jurisdictions; 

These are written under Section 40(ee) and Section 40(o) and are not subject to Guernsey tax, they may be required to report under Common Reporting Standards to the Members Primary tax jurisdiction depending on the structure of the scheme and the location of the Member. Not all jurisdictions and Members will be suitable for this arrangement. 

International Pension Plans Let Fairfield be your trusted adviser.

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