Investment Advisory

Why choose an investment adviser

Our Investment Advisory Service is designed for those who want to manage their own money. Depending on your needs and experience but would like support from a professional investment adviser. Your adviser will recommend an investment portfolio to suit your needs and can provide ongoing advice on all your investment decisions.

You may find your pension trustee requesting that you engage a regulated investment adviser and don't want to go down the full descretionary managed route. This is where Fairfield can help.

You don't have the time, long gone are the days of picking up the stock lists from the weekend broadsheets and scanning the PE ratios

Adding another layer of protection to your legacy, we are fully insured and regulated to give investment advice

You get a dedicated adviser

At Fairfield we value the personal touch and irrespective of your investment size want to help you achieve your financial goals.

With our Premier service we undertake comprehensive monitoring and portfolio reporting, we ensure that your investment risk appetite remains in line with your investments.

Investment Advisory is the help I need, tell me more

Join us and have us do the hard work of making your finances grow.